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evin Smith and Deanna Ross

Kevin Smith is a guitarist, gadget geek, songwriter, and internet hound, the father of two lovely kids, and a regular dude.

Deanna Ross is a lifelong dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, a songwriter, jewelry-maker, and proud birthmom, and a devoted word nerd, currently  writing her first novel.


Kevin Smith + Deanna Ross = 
The Jinxes

We are a songwriting team focused on singer-centric hook-driven music for other artists. Our sound is sincere and catchy with a lot of bounce and a little quirk. We are seeking co-writing, co-publishing and top-lining opportunities. Get in touch!

We first met in 2008 at a Monterey Bay Area open mic and, over the months, came to recognize a musical like-mindedness. In 2009 we founded a local songwriters' group and began to collaborate on songs.

By late 2010, we had created an indie folk-pop band of our own, The Jinxes - while also falling madly in love - and we haven't looked back since!

Thanks to two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we've recorded nine co-written and fully arranged songs on two EPs (entitled Send Me A Sign and We Create), exploring the possibilities of duet harmonies in styles ranging from retro pop to orchestral folk to anthemic rock, with dozens more  original songs yet to be recorded.

One of the shared interests that brought us together is creativity. We are passionate about: exercises that invite or improve it; people that wrestle with or exemplify it; and the messy, miraculous process of creating something ourselves - be it a song, a story, a piece of art or an impromptu stew.

Thanks so much for visiting our online home, engaging with us via social media, and simply taking the time to get to know us better. 

We hope to share inspiration, creative adventures, lightbulb moments, and their eventual results here.

Wishing you all the best, 

Kevin & Deanna
The Jinxes



What music bloggers are saying!

The new album “We Create” is a must for any collection whether you are an avid fan of folk, retro pop, new age, country, or easy listening.
— Music & More - the TRUE voice of Nashville
We Create is a thoughtful album full of joyful music and lyrics
— Laurie Fanelli, Veggie Fans - sustainable music, activism and entertainment
If their stew is as good as their music, I’d like to review that as well
— Kevin KT Tshiamala, Hear Magazine
This is charming, infectious acoustic pop from, by all accounts, rather charming people. Try it in the garden, under the sun, with a chilled glass of homemade lemonade. Perfect.
— Christopher Russell, Weekly Podcast
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