First, we would like to thank our families for their love and ongoing support of our artistic endeavors.

  • Dick and Dorothy Kiehne
  • Jenny and Colby McCaffrey
  • Lainey Meiri and family
  • The Mullaney Family
  • Ronald Ross and The Ross Family
  • The Wesenberg Family
  • Thomas Smith
  • Felipa Smith
  • Lilian Smith (in memory)
  • Chloë and Gavin Smith
  • The Radigans
  • The Gibson Family
  • Tom Burke and family
Next, many thanks to ALL of our Kickstarter backers, who collectively believed in and funded our first EP, "Send Me A Sign". Special shout-outs go to:

Kickstarter Executive Producers

  • Dorothy Kiehne
  • Thomas Smith

Kickstarter Associate Producers

  • Tom Burke
  • Alice Cascorbi
  • Micah Davis
  • Carrie Glenn
  • Leo and Mahonna Keech, and Helen

Kickstarter Major Donors

  • Renee Clyde
  • David Gordon
  • Kira Gray
  • Beryl Levinger
  • Michael Radigan
  • Chunyi McIver
  • John P Morrison

We'd also like to acknowledge the talent and contributions of our session musicians and the Gadgetbox team:

  • Beaumont Bradbury - Drums 
  • Patrick Brede - Recording Engineer
  • George Chadwick - Videographer
  • Chad Kaltinger -  Viola 
  • Barry Phillips - Cello, String Arrangement 
  • Gianni Staiano - Hammond B3 Organ, Farfisa
  • Laurel Thomsen - Violin, Viola, String Arrangement
  • Andy Zenczak - Bass Guitar, Percussion, Mixing & Recording Engineer, and Producer Extraordinaire

And finally, our gratitudes extend to the many friends and mentors who have loved, supported, and inspired us along the way. 

This list includes (but is not limited to):

  • John & Cheryl Anderson
  • Tandy Beal
  • Coley Clyde
  • Kira Gray
  • Leo Keech
  • Pam Keindl
  • Martt Lawrence
  • Susana McGuire Jewell
  • Peter Meckel
  • Antonio Mendes (in memory)
  • Joe Pikalek & The Pikalek Family
  • Chris Radigan
  • Mandy McNay, Leanna O'Connor and Ellen Stickney
  • ...and our amazing, far-flung Dance, Theater, and Music families...

  • ...our beloved Students, Teachers, and fellow Artists...

  • ...the Friends who we rarely see, but are still in our hearts...

  • ...and those who stayed for just a season, but changed our lives forever.

We hope you know how grateful we are for your gifts.

Deanna & Kevin