Introducing the Writer Bites mobile app.

Fresh ideas for hungry writers. Get inspired, grow your craft, learn the business.

We've collected all of our favorite blogs on the art, craft and business of writing into one handy app.

Daily Inspiration

How do you stay inspired for the weeks, months and years when you have an enduring project?

When I start working on a project, I typically find bloggers, youtubers and podcasters to follow. My current interests are screenwriting, music production and app building.

My wife Deanna is interested in writing, the Appalachian trail,  dulcimer and folk crafts.

Recently, Deanna got me hooked on watching through-hikers chronicling their 2,200 mile sojourn on the Appalachian Trail. I've always been a tad allergic to the outdoors, but watching the videos have given me a bit of the bug and now I want to go hiking. Whether or not this will lead to a big hike on the AT remains be to seen. ;-)

It's not scientific, but if you find reading a little every day about your writing keeps you inspired--this app is for you.

Oh, tragic inbox

Let me tell you about my poor inbox. 

Many, though not all of the websites I like, have a newsletter subscription. Great! They are usually well-prepared, nicely written and full of awesome content. The problem for me is the awesome content is sandwiched between bill notifications, important emails from family, to-do items, insipid spam, this-and-that updates, and piles of promotional offers...

I often find myself distracted and kicked around by the endless tide of incoming email. Invariably, a couple of more items get tossed on top of my to-do list. That is not inspiring.

I'm also not able to comfortably context switch from music production and songwriting, to how to build an app in 14 days, to an email from sister about when to schedule mom to fly in, contribute to our campaign or kittens will die, to spam-spam-spam promo-promo-promo, and- ooh, a post about how to get a story published for first time writers.


I like to keep my special interests special. I like to them to live in a place that is protected from the outside world (and from my other interests).

So that--and our fascination with the creative process--is why we've built the app. We hope you find it useful.

This is our first app in what we hope to be a line of simple tools that help keep stirring the creative process.

Please sign up for the Beta today and let us know what you think!


Kevin and Deanna