Indie music, creative process, and taking rejection in stride

Happy December!

A big "thank you" to Bobby Demuro for including us in his November 16th podcast of The Media Bytes!

"The Media Bytes" analyzes media and the changing information landscape -- news, sports, entertainment, pop culture, social media, and everything in between.

It was a fun conversation. We always love to talk about the shifting music industry and the Creative Process. Bobby was a wonderful host and we'll be listening in on his podcast in the future.

We just saw the film The Life of Pi and are still chatting about its meanings and author Yann Martel's masterful storytelling. The movie in turn led us to lists of former Man Booker Prize and Pulitzer Prize fiction winners, as we're always on the hunt to learn more about others' writing and creative processes.

We've been taking special note lately of how long it can take to "succeed" commercially, and how rejections are a part of the process. The Life of Pi, for example, was rejected by at least five publishing houses before it was accepted. The following year, it won the Man Booker Prize!

Until next time, we wish you all the best. And we remind you: Don't give up on your creative visions. Instead, say "Yes" to them every day, until eventually somebody else says it back to you!

Kevin & Deanna
The Jinxes


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