The Jinxes - The Story Of Our Name

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About half of the people we tell our name to think it's fun and cute. And the other half, a tad more superstitious, perhaps, think we should change our name immediately!

So let me dispel all rumors of evil once and for all:
We're The Jinxes - as in, "Jinx! You owe me a coke!"

(Think back... Didn't anyone ever say that to you when you said the same thing they did at the very same time?! Or maybe it was you who called "Jinx" first and racked up the profits!)

But the question remains, why "The Jinxes" for our band name? To answer that, we have to go back a ways...

I met Deanna at a Monterey Bay Open Mic in the fall of 2008. Not an ordinary Open Mic, but a "performance salon" where after a 5-minute performance, the audience would be solicited for feedback. I was just a drop-in performer, but Deanna ran this event on the second Saturday of every month for six years. It was good for artists. It was good for performers. It included everything from slam poetry reading to group dancing to acoustic music to electrified bands to handcrafted jewelry to paintings to stage to comedy. The quality of performances ranged from the raw and new to some very polished and seasoned professionals, and there was usually one featured performer per show. I loved all of it.

After a year or so of becoming acquainted via our performances there, we decided to start a local songwriters group together, to knuckle down on lyric-writing and the creative process. This 5-person group met twice a month in the same space where Deanna taught her dance classes and held the performance salon. (Although Deanna's primary art is dance, she has always had a hand in music, from performing in choruses to learning the mandolin to taking music theory). Our songwriters' group lasted only a year before everyone's schedule blew apart, but it was during this time that we got to know each other a little bit better. The following year, we started dating.

Of course we soon began talking about writing music together, just for fun -- and around that same time, we kept saying things at exactly the same time! Ridiculously often, in fact. In those first six months as a couple, the "Jinx!"'s were really flying, and the soda debt was mounting faster than we could keep track!

One day, as we were walking to our beloved Borders Bookstore, I worked up the courage to ask her, "Will you be in a band with me?"

And as you may have guessed, to my great delight, she said yes.

At that moment, our band name just seemed like the obvious choice. And it made us happy! Shockingly enough, was available as a domain name (***relief***) and thus The Jinxes began!

Since then, being a band has been an amazingly creative, scary, hard, easy, blissful, frustrating and fun experience. We look forward to more adventures into the unknown and more learning ahead, together.

All the best,


  • We are an indie folk/pop duo. We are writers. We are a creative team. Our new EP is out!