Make lists. Not war. Workflowy part 1.

For years I’ve scrabbled together ideas and inspirations across scattered scraps of
papers, half-used notebooks and fragmented computer files. I’ve tried word docs
on dropbox and gdocs in the cloud. I’ve used mind maps, index cards, and paper
and pen. But either - the notebook was left at home or the software got in the

I can’t tell you how many time I’ve lost, re-found and re-transcribed the same
ideas over and over and over….

What I need is one spot to put all of my ideas. BUT searchable. ALWAYS
available. PLUS addable, moveable, removeable, updateable, squishable,
poundable, and drillable. AND it needs to get out of the way when that deluge of
unorganized ideas comes pouring out.

Recently, I discovered Workflowy. It’s a cloud-based outliner - a good one. It
works the way you would expect. It’s searchable, desktop-tablet-mobile-friendly
and... frictionless.

Intrigued? Take a look at their short intro video.

WorkFlowy provides a new tool for organizing your thoughts, projects and life. It's a simple tool with surprising power. If used correctly, it will change the way you think and plan.

In my next post, I’ll take a more in-depth plunge into the world of Worflowy. In
the meantime, try it out for yourself.




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