Oh, To Be A Student Again


Season's greetings!

I hope this finds you well, and staying warm in the cold weather.

It has been an exciting season of travel for Kevin and I. After our September weekend at the West Coast Songwriters' Conference (always a treat), I took a short trip to Miami in October to attend the National Dance Education Organization's annual conference and spend some precious time with my amazing birthdaughter, now a sophomore at the University of Miami.

And as if that visit wasn't riches enough, Kevin and I headed to Los Angeles in November to check out Taxi's Road Rally, and we are so glad we did! Taxi is a membership organization that matches songwriters and musicians with companies looking to buy music -- either for commercials, films, or for other artists to record. We've been Taxi members for 3 years, but this was our first time attending their free annual conference.

What a pleasure it was to immerse ourselves in workshops about the craft and business of songwriting and recording music, taught by longtime industry veterans and some absolutely outstanding teachers. It felt like going back to college for a few blissful days, soaking in the knowledge, enthusiasm, and camaraderie of all the other (several thousand) attendees.

Together, these short but powerful trips have reminded me of the need to "fill the well" periodically, especially as a teacher. It is easy to go on what you already know, and that can be fine for a while. But there is something truly invigorating about returning to a state of "beginner's mind" - inviting in new information, exploring new avenues for sharing, and connecting with new faces and places to learn more about whatever subject(s) you love.

As I walked around my daughter's thriving college campus, ran from session to session in the dance teachers' conference in Miami, and took furious notes about songwriting in LA, I felt that magical buzz in the air, that specific hum that happens when a group of focused people are engaged in learning.

As the holidays continue and a new year approaches, may you find your way back to that student place from time to time, and remember for yourself what a joy it is to dive deep into your craft.




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