Favorite Tools: Trello

I'm a bit of a tools geek. I follow Lifehacker, I'm constantly troving around productivity and creativity apps.  One of my new all-time favorite tools is Trello.

Trello rolls sticky notes with a whiteboard into an online tool. It's great for managing collaborative projects, to-do lists and can be used as a creative tool.

A good example is a to-do list. A basic usage is to draw three lanes drawn on a whiteboard named To Do, Doing and Done.  Each task would be a sticky note. The To Do lane gets loaded with sticky notes, as each one is started it's moved into the Doing lane and finally the Done lane upon completion. This is fine, but when you are away from the whiteboard, you can't track your progress. This is where Trello shines by being an online, available everywhere app that you can share with collaborators.

We use it to manage our Big Picture goals, our weekend projects and our creative projects.  I use it to manage basically everything: lyric ideas, marketing plans, programming projects and as a creative board. My buddy Leo uses it to manage his grocery lists.

The concept is borrowed from Kanban (development) a Lean development technique teams of software developers use to track the progress of the process.

  • highly visual
  • super-simple to use (fun, actually!) 
  • free-form and open
  • can access anywhere, even on my phone

Trello helps me juggle more tasks successfully without losing track of all the squirrely bits that usually fall between the cracks. It's also a relief to get it out of my head and written down somewhere. 

If there is enough interest, I may do a post on Trello for the Musician. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. 


Kevin Smith
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