New EP underway!

Dear Friends!

If you haven’t already heard through Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, or face-to-face -- our crowdfunding mission to create a new EP was a success!!

And to top it off, because we went a tad over our goal we are going to be able to squeak a fifth song onto the album!

Things are happening fast now. We’re heading into the studio this Friday through Sunday to spend a long weekend recording, and the following weekend, mixing. We’ll be collaborating with our co-producer/engineer and some wonderful session musicians, so the creative sparks will be flying!

We hope you’ll stay in touch during the next leg of our music-making journey on Facebook, email, and Twitter, and we’ll be sure to post updates to our website blog along the way.

With much love and our sincere gratitude,

Kevin and Deanna
The Jinxes

Track list for the new EP (in no particular order):

We Create - Introspective indie pop with cello, pedal steel, Morphwiz, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and Kevin on lead vocals.

My Butterfly - Light singer/songwriter with guitar, drums, bass, Rhodes, and Deanna on lead vocals.

Which Way Do We Go Now? - Classic folk pop duet with acoustic guitar, drums, bass, and organ.

The Situation - Driving pop duet with drums, bass, guitar, organ and a big chorus!

Can You Hear It Ring? - Anthemic folk rock with drums, bass, strings, acoustic guitar, harmonica and Kevin on lead vocals.

Here we go!!


  • We are an indie folk/pop duo. We are writers. We are a creative team. Our new EP is out!