#My500Words - A January Writing Challenge


Many of you are writers - crafting blog posts, songs, stories, poems, papers, letters or journalistic articles for work or pleasure or both. You know that the act of putting words on a page can be healing/isolating, stimulating/intimidating, rewarding/boring. There are days when it would be helpful to have a cheering section to help get the words flowing, or to set off some fireworks when the work is done.

Here's some happy news: that writer's cheering section is available to you all month long through Jeff Goins' popular writing blog, http://goinswriter.com/my500words/

Jeff has issued a challenge to all of us who are: 1) already engaged in a writing project; 2) longing to begin a writing practice; or 3) looking for support in writing more words, more often. The rules are simple. During the month of January, commit to writing a minimum of 500 words a day. Don't edit - just write. And if you miss a day, don't fret, and don't accumulate debt. Just jump back on the wagon the next day with your 500 words.

I came across the My 500 Words Challenge on January 5th, when over 1,000 writers were already "in". Knowing that I perform best when given deadlines, accountability, and specific, measurable goals, I took a deep breath and signed on. And hundreds of writers have continued to join the challenge in the days since I did.

As of today, I am on Day 6. Besides writing this blog post, I have spent the rest of my time on my first novel. In two years of heartfelt work on it, I have managed to reach 27,000 words. And in less than one week of this writing challenge, I have generated 2,700 more - adding ten percent to my total word count! It is amazing, eye-opening, and truly gratifying to see the words adding up.

So, I invite you to consider jumping in to the #My500Words pool today and splashing about with me and several thousand other writers -- the water's warm! You just may find the support and energy there to put whatever is on your mind and in your heart into words by the end of January. And I'll be ready - and truly happy - to applaud you when you do.

Wishing you all the best,



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