Love Takes Time

We want to share the ups and downs, wins and pitfalls of making music to document this for ourselves and in hopes it helps other musicians.

Love Takes Time started off as an acoustic guitar piece but has since grown into a synth-based indie pop piece. This marks a potential new direction for our sound, or it could end being a song for another artist. One of our new goals is to start writing music for other people. We find this very freeing as songwriters. Our tendency has been to write from the now in order to be the most authentic. Writing for others allows us to tap into not just whatever out current story is, but our past stories and other peoples stories as well while remaining authentic.

One of our greatest challenges is to create broadcast ready music. For budget reasons, we're attempting to do that from our little home project studio (Kev's office), but it may simply not be possible or we may have to settle for less desirable results. The fact is, a professional Producer or mix engineer who has spent thousands of hours behind the board (or in the box) mastering their craft--can produce far better results in far less time.

Music creation is fun though, so here is what we've got:

Love Takes Time
C Em Am G (x2)
C                                 Em
It's not the first time,  to share these stories
Am                    G
trust ain't easy, when every page has made us bleed
C                              Em
Has he burned you, has she scarred me
Am                               G
We are not them, let's find our way cautiously, cause
F                 C                             G
Love takes time, it takes some time to build and break down walls
F                              C                             G
Love it takes some time, it takes some time to build and
                              C  Em Am G (x2)
break down these walls
C                               Em
T-shirt tear-stained, no one to blame
Am                                        G
It burns like gasoline when everyone feels ashamed
C                          Em
getting too close, there's no sign post
Am                             G 
no constellations to offer us a guarantee
Am F C (x4)
C                              Em
Are our needs met? All our lists checked?
Am                              G
Toss your book aside, it's alright we'll be okay
C                          Em/C  
Stay up all night, counting day dreams
Am/C                           G/C                                              F   
The more I know you, the more you mean the world to me
             C           G
You-oo You-oo- oo 
The more you mean the world to me
             C           G
You-oo You-oo- oo
The more you mean the world, cause
CHORUS (x1.5)
Am F C (x4)


  • We are an indie folk/pop duo. We are writers. We are a creative team. Our new EP is out!