A Simple Poem for Valentine's Day

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It's a pretty big weekend for love.

Across the country, people are dressing up for dinners out, exchanging flowers and jewelry, swapping paper valentines and candy in classrooms, and surrounded by red and pink hearts in every shop display.

And that's fine... Though potentially more challenging if you're: a) single; b) broke; or c) experiencing any other variation of "it's complicated"!

While Valentine's-related sales are expected to reach $20 billion this season, let's consider one more affordable and widely-applicable option for gift-giving: a well-chosen poem.

Consider the following scenarios:

A) You search online and find a great poem about family or friendship and mail a handwritten copy to your grandma, sister, mom, aunt, friend, etc., reminding them they're loved.

B) You discover a love poem - maybe even write a simple, heartfelt one of your own - and tuck it under your sweetheart's pillow.

C) You jot down a happy note and slip it into your child's lunchbox. (While this is especially fun to do on Valentine's Day, chances are they 'd love this on any day of the year!)

As you can see, there's flexibility in poetry! You can find or write fitting lines to express your feelings for any relationship. And the cost? Just a bit of your time.

Here's a great resource for finding classic and contemporary love poems online. 

Also, here are today's top 12 Valentine's poems, according to the UK's The Telegraph. 

Or, if you're thinking about writing some poems of your own, you might try one of these seven easy exercises.

Or follow these steps and tips for writing a poetic love note

Finally, don't be scared to excerpt a poem, or even a few lines from a favorite movie or book. Here's a list of 50 love-related quotes from books, movies, and celebrities to get you started.

Whatever else we do for this and future Valentine's Days, let's remember to celebrate our love in a truly personal and generous way - with words from the heart.


P.S. Here's one of my old favorites -- enjoy!


"I Wish That All My Songs"


I wish that all my songs

Were little flowers:

I would send them to be smelled

By the darling of my heart.


I wish that all my songs

Were delicate kisses:

I secretly would send them all

To my sweetheart's little cheek.


I wish that all my songs

Were little peas:

I would cook a peasoup

Which would really be delicious.


- by Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)


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