A Simple Way to Detox Your Inbox

   Public Domain CC0  via   rise-a-mui   at Pixabay

 Public Domain CC0 via rise-a-mui at Pixabay

Wouldn't it be great if you could cleanse away unwanted subscriptions and notifications with just one click?

With Unroll.me, you can do just that and it's easier than drinking twelve gallons of OJ.

Boiled frog

Of course, some subscriptions only email a couple of times a year and some a couple of times a day. They've added up slowly over time, inhabiting more and more of my inbox space. I get analytics reports, twitter updates, Groupon offers, restaurant. com specials, travel deals, python programming mailing list updates, web dev updates, Reverbnation updates, Soundcloud updates... I'm barely getting started here and I'm interested in all of these. That said, my mobile phone is always beeping, buzzing, or blinking at me and like a trained hamster, I look.

It's become a bad habit. And while keeping tabs on every new email can feel like I'm staying on top of things, perhaps I'm not.

Get angry

One solution might be to get angry and viciously unsubscribe from every newsletter or notice that comes in. Make a day of it. Cruise the archives. For me, this works fine for awhile but it is quite time consuming to locate all the subscriptions since some emails are only sent a couple of times a year. Some sub's I really don't want to give up and hastily resubscribe. Some are notifications and require logging into a dashboard.

A solution

Unroll.me to the rescue! Unroll.me analyzes your inbox for all of your subscriptions. Depending on how many subscriptions and how large your email archive - this process can take a while. When completed, you are presented with your unroll.me inbox. From there, you can easily unsubscribe from each of your unwanted lists with a simple check, and roll-up the ones you want to keep. This process is surprisingly gratifying, even fun!

The roll up

Once a day, you'll receive an email from Unroll. me with all of your rolled-up emails in a two-column Pinterest-style preview. Although tiny, the previews are legible enough to quickly scan. Just click to read. You can also browse the Unroll.me folder in your email client or login to the Unroll. me website.

After squaring away my email with Unroll.me my phone stopped buzzing, stopped blinking and stopped beeping at me.

For two days!

I was sure something was wrong. As it turns out, nothing was wrong, I just don't get anywhere near the volume of urgent and important email and notices I thought I did. Result: more time for things that matter.


Although Unroll.me calls it unsubscribe, you are not actually removed from marketers lists. The Unroll.me service is actually muting the emails. 


If you want a really simple, fun way to declutter your inbox fast, without throwing out the baby with the bath water,  try out Unroll.me.

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