Recording Boot Camp

Last month I was fortunate enough to attend Ronan Chris Murphy's 2-day Recording Boot Camp in lovely Santa Monica, CA.  I had seen three of his talks at the yearly Taxi Road Rally and each one blew my mind.

So the bar was set pretty high.

Bootcamp is a serious non-stop, fast-and-furious-and-fun immersion into recording and mixing fundamentals.

As an educator, Ronan is highly entertaining, informative and inspiring. If he'd been my math teacher in middle-school, I would have joined the math brigade. He's not afraid to answer questions; even if he has to come up with a completely different (often hilarious) approach.

Although it's not my goal to become a mix engineer, I do want to be able to produce simple demos that are well-balanced and represent the song effectively. And I believe Ronan has provided me the tools to do so. After only 2 days of class, my mixes are easily 5 times better than they were before.

The conclusion:

If time (and distance) were not a constraint, I would sign up for the 6-day workshop in a heartbeat! So if you're anywhere near enough to Santa Monica to go and you're looking to improve your sound production, I highly recommend Ronan Chris Murphy's Recording Boot Camp.


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