Studio One 2 shortcut: D is for Duplicate

Image by  Leo Reynolds

Image by Leo Reynolds

Presonus Studio one is my DAW of choice because of it's easy to follow layout, lightning fast workflow and effortless comping. Although I tend to .... documentation, manuals and instructions, I have found there are a lot of power user goodies to further speed up the workflow. This one is super basic, but if your still using ctrl-c to copy and ctrl-v to paste, this will save you a heap of time.

Duplicate simplifies cut-and-paste to one step.

Duplicate your highlighted event by pressing the letter "D".

Studio One will do it's best to place the duplicate event into a spot that makes sense, which makes it very easy to creeate drum tracks from loops. Just drag over your drum loop and press D until your track is full.

Happy recording!



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