(Credit:   StudioSmart   via   Shutterstock  )

(Credit: StudioSmart via Shutterstock)

Kevin and I recently started working with another musician, a talented young soul/pop singer who is also a former dance student and friend. Opening our home and our creative process to a third party feels risky to two introverts like us, who also have strong opinions on songwriting and a history of mild to intense artistic disagreements on the path to eventual compromise. 

On the other hand, the idea of stepping more fully into the role of writers and letting a youthful, facile singer take the stage is enticing. Writing for someone in his twenties means that we can reach back and reconnect with our own experiences from that time, then let someone who's right in the midst of it express them with authenticity. 

We've had three work sessions with Arick now, and have made exciting progress on a new pop song that fits his smooth voice like a glove. Working together, each of our ideas have been incorporated in ways that we couldn't have predicted at the outset. There were the usual temporary slumps, false starts, and a few hilarious mistakes in the mix, but our 15 hours passed like minutes. 

When creative collaboration is going well, it's like a bee hive. The air hums. We're hoping that, with a few hundred hours and some good luck, this partnership is going to blossom and this new song is going to take off and fly.

Food for thought: Have you collaborated on an artistic project recently? Is there someone in your extended circle whose work you admire? What could you create as a team that you couldn't alone? 

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