Migration by The Jinxes

It’s five after five, I’m off in a flash
My work is all done and I’m ready to dash
Right into my evening, I’ve got to relax
Cause soon I’ll be sleeping, and morning comes fast

Most days I spend driving between here and there
Because I don’t have a free moment to spare
I’ve got to move quickly, can’t take time to stare
At the miracles happening now, everywhere

I don’t take much time to do this
No, I don’t take much time to do this

I crest up the hill and I glance at the view
The ocean spreads out, endless silver and blue
But I gotta keep driving, my workday is through
And I’m on my way home, where I’ve got things to do

I might want to cook, and then I’ve got to eat
And maybe I’ll clean up, and put up my feet
Or maybe I’ll make up a song or a rhyme
About missed opportunities, having no time



But this day is different, I’m off my routine
I needed to take in a different scene
So I’m taking my bicycle home through the green
The air’s feeling chilly, my soul’s feeling clean

It’s March, I remember, the whales could be here
On the hidden migration they make every year
I take a deep breath as I see water fly
A grey whale is spouting as traffic flies by


© 2012 Deanna Ross & Kevin Smith