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"If You Want (the buh bah song)" by The Jinxes

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How "the buh bah song" came to be..

Our relationship was still raw and new. It was our second day of attempting to write music together, the first day had been rather tense as we barreled through the creative process. I think we both felt a little battered and bruised. We were laying on the futon and hadn't actually started writing yet. I was fiddling with the guitar playing in a waltzy three-four time and Deanna cautiously offered a melody and lyric... and this little song fell out of the sky.

Since then we've been aggressively protecting it from over production, extra lyrics  and standard song structure. We could change it... but if we did, we feel it would lose more than it would gain. It's a captured moment. 


We hope you enjoy this free download. ;-)


Kevin (and Deanna)
The Jinxes


UK Official Release Dec. 5!

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